Alex Schumann

Eugene OR 97401

(541) xxx-xxxx


Twenty five years of experience with computation and network technology in corporate and academic settings.

Skilled in facilitating communication between stakeholders with differing levels of technical experience.

Ability to provide targeted leadership while maintaining broad overview of larger system goals.

Proficient in hard core automated Linux, Windows, and Network administration.

Experienced Web Application Developer with success in creation, advancement, and maintenance of front end and back end systems.

Skilled at Team Guidance: Project Management & Engineering, Employee Scheduling, Training, Mediation, Hiring, Strategy, Purchasing.

Wide ranging technical experience, including: Python, Perl, PHP, C, Bash, Javascript, HTML, CSS, vim, SVN, Git, workstations, servers, compute clusters, Windows Server, Linux, BSD, Tru64, LDAP, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Saltstack, Tivoli, cfengine, RT, Proxmox, Vcenter.

Strong belief in documentation, including: Disaster recovery, Business processes, Technical layout, Best Practices, and End user Documentation.

Highlighted Projects Include: 

Work Experience:

7/2013-present        University of Oregon Zebrafish International Resource Center


9/2006-7/2013        University of Minnesota School of Physics & Astronomy


9/1999-9/2006        Oregon State University Housing and Dining Services


6/1999-9/1999&         Intel Corporation (Internships)

6/1998-9/1998        Responsibilities:

6/1994 – 9/1997        Intel Corporation (Contractor, then Employee)



Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University, Major: Business, Management Information Systems. Minor: Computer Science.

High School Diploma, Grant High School, June 1994.


2007-2013        Photographer specialising in laboratory environmental portraiture.

1996-present        AfterNET Internet Relay Chat Network Administrator & Software Developer.

2001-2002        Corvallis Business League Bowling Team.

1992-1997        Intel High-Tech Explorer Post 915 member, President 9/94 - 6/95, Advisor: 6/95 – 9/97.

1993-1994        Page Editor, Grant High school newspaper, front page.